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Index Entry Section
Application Launch11.1 General
Automatically save a backup document11.6 Files
Automatically Sort for Crossrefs when saving BibTeX files11.9 Crossref
BibTeX style11.4 TeX Preview
Check for updates11.1 General
Choose a format specifier to add11.10 Cite Key
Choose a format specifier to add11.11 AutoFile
Cite Command Style11.3 Citation
Cite key Autogeneration11.10 Cite Key
Cite-Key Format11.10 Cite Key
Clean by removing11.10 Cite Key
Clean by removing11.11 AutoFile
Converting File and URL Fields11.8 Default Fields
Copying and Dragging11.3 Citation
Custom BibTeX Fields11.8 Default Fields
Custom BibTeX Types and Fields11.8 Default Fields
Display first names11.2 Display
Display warnings when opening a file11.6 Files
Duplicate Title Field to Booktitle Field for Crossreferenced Types11.9 Crossref
Emailing Bibliography Information11.1 General
Export templates / Service templates11.7 Templates
File papers automatically11.11 AutoFile
File papers in fixed location11.11 AutoFile
File papers relative to each document11.11 AutoFile
Fonts11.2 Display
Format String11.10 Cite Key
Format String11.11 AutoFile
Generate lowercase cite keys11.10 Cite Key
Generate lowercase file names11.11 AutoFile
Generate previews using TeX11.4 TeX Preview
Global BibTeX Macros11.8 Default Fields
Importing Bibliography Information11.1 General
Local File Format11.11 AutoFile
Local File Viewer11.8 Default Fields
Look for shared bibliographies11.5 Sharing
Maximum number of items in preview11.2 Display
Overwrite the Booktitle11.9 Crossref
Preset Format11.10 Cite Key
Preset Format11.11 AutoFile
Publication List11.2 Display
Require password11.5 Sharing
Reset Defaults Files11.7 Templates
Save Annote and Abstract fields at the end of the items11.6 Files
Script Hooks11.12 Script Hooks
Share my bibliographies11.5 Sharing
Shared name11.5 Sharing
Show group counts11.2 Display
String Encoding11.6 Files
Templates11.7 Templates
TeX Program Locations11.4 TeX Preview
TeX template11.4 TeX Preview
TeX template encoding11.4 TeX Preview
Types for which to duplicate11.9 Crossref
Unicode to TeX Conversion11.6 Files
Use normalized author names when saving11.6 Files
Warn before moving a folder11.11 AutoFile
Warn me when trying to edit inherited fields11.9 Crossref
Warnings11.1 General
Write template file at the front of every file when saving11.6 Files
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