BibDesk Preferences Guide

This help page describes options in the preferences you can use to customize BibDesk. To change your preferences, choose "Preferences" from the "BibDesk" menu, or press the key shortcut ⌘, (Command - comma).

Preference Panes

General   Change what BibDesk does when starting up, such as opening specific files.
Display   Change the overall appearance of the main window.
Citation   Set what you get when copying or dragging citations to other apps.
TeX Preview   Change the default settings for using LaTeX in the typeset preview window.
Sharing   Set your sharing preferences.
Files   Set preferences for opening and saving files.
Templates   Customize templates for Export and Services.
Default Fields   Add fields that BibDesk will add to every entry.
Crossref   Customize Crossref support.
Cite Key   Set a format for autogenerated cite keys.
AutoFile   Set up a directory to automatically store copies of papers.
Script Hooks   Add AppleScript automation to BibDesk.