BibDesk Script Hooks

Sometimes you want to perform a particular AppleScript every time a certain action occurs. For example, you might want to have field that depends in a definite way on some other fields, so it can be handy if Bibdesk would auto generate this field for you. This is already built in for the Local File fields and the Cite Key, but what about other fields? As another example, you might want to commit a linked file to cvs or subversion whenever the file is moved by Auto File.

For such times, BibDesk allows you to add custom AppleScripts that are automatically run when certain events occur. These are called Script Hooks in BibDesk.

You can add Script Hooks in the preferences, see the Script Hooks preference guide for how to do this. The preferences also list the names of the various script hooks that BibDesk recognizes.

Go to the item linked below to see a sample script.

Script Hook Sample 1   Automatically generating a field
Script Hook Sample 2   Automatically saving RSS