BibDesk Opening a File

Opening a File in a Specific Encoding

Use the "Open..." menu item in the "File" menu, and select the encoding you want to use from the popup menu at the bottom of the dialog box.

Opening a File Using a Command-Line Filter

This feature lets you specify any command line that produces a BibTeX file and open it in BibDesk directly. If you have command line conversion tools from other formats, this is a handy way to use them. For instance, suppose you have a file called `searchresults.isi' in the ISI file format from an online database. Using the BibUtils suite of command line utilities (available here), you can translate that file into BibTeX with the following command: /usr/local/bin/isi2xml | /usr/local/bin/xml2bib, with the paths adjusted appropriately for your installation.


The drop-down menu will save the last seven commands used, which should be sufficient for most needs! Note that BibDesk can open RIS files directly, so a filter isn't required for them.