BibDesk Web Group

BibDesk's Web Group attempts to detect bibliographic information in web pages. The detection will only work if BibDesk recognises the current web page or the formats therein. Once detected, the publications are displayed in the group for easy import into the Library.

The Web Group supports a number of web sites as well as a few bibliographic formats which may be used on all web pages. Sometimes additional services which may require a subscription are used to provide a full bibliographic record.

Supported Web Sites


arXiv: E-Print archive used frequently in mathematics and physics but also containing sections for non-linear science, computer science, quantitative biology and statistics.


Google Scholar: Google's attempt to provide a universal search for and in research related literature. Please go to 'Scholar Preferences' and set the 'Bibliography Manager' option to 'Show links to import citations to BibTeX' for it to work.

HubMed: Alternative interface for queries to the PubMed database of medical literature.

IACR: ePrint archive of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR).

MathSciNet: Database of Mathematical Reviews by the American Mathematical Society. Requires a subscription to be accessed.

JSTOR: Database of papers from many journals.

NUMDAM (Numérisation de documents anciens mathématiques): Digital versions of old mathematical papers. The site itself is public but BibDesk's support for it requires access to the Zentralblatt Math service.

Project Euclid: A publishing platform for 'independent and society journals' in mathematics and statistics. BibDesk can provide bibliographic information for those articles and references mentioed on the site if MathSciNet or Zentralblatt Math IDs are listed for them and you have access to those sites.

SPIRES: Database of literature on particle physics.

SpringerLink: Database of papers published by Springer. Fulltext access requires a subscription.

Zentralblatt Math: Database of Zentralblatt Mathematik with reviews of mathematical papers. Only the first three search results are displayed without a subscription.

Supported General Formats

BibTeX: BibTeX is often used in conjunction with LaTeX for storing bibliographic data and is the native format of BibDesk.

COinS: A microformat which adds bibliographic information to a web page by placing it into the title attribute of a span element with class 'Z3988'. A number of web sites ranging from blogs to library catalogues insert these elements into their web pages. Examples: CiteSeerX, Uni Bremen Library, Some OPACs.

HCite: Another microformat for adding bibliographic information to web pages. Hardly used.