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BibDesk 1.6.8 is a BibTeX editor and reference manager. Because it is a BibTeX editor, it is important to understand at least a few things about the BibTeX file format.

  1. If you already have a BibTeX database and are moving from hand-editing or another BibTeX editor, start at the Quick Start.
  2. If you are just getting started keeping track of references or are moving from a program such as EndNote or another reference manager, see the BibTeX Intro.

Help Topics

Quick Start   For those who are already familiar with BibTeX
BibTeX Intro   For those who need to know more about BibTeX
Opening and Importing Files   Opening new and existing files of different formats
Searching Your Database   Searching references in the BibDesk database
Managing References   Browsing, adding, and editing references
Searching External Databases   Searching external databases
Citation Keys   Automatically generating citation keys
AutoFile   Keeping local copies of articles organized
Inserting Citations   Adding citation commands in your favorite editor
Templates   Changing templates for export and services
Preferences Guide   Setting preferences for BibDesk
AppleScript   Automating tasks using AppleScript
Getting More Help   Where to find more answers about BibDesk

Online Resources


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